Mixed Bean Chaat

  • What You Need -
    • Rajma, Soaked Overnight - 1/2 Tropical Twin
    • Kabuli Channas, Soaked Overnight - 1/2 Tropical Twin
    • Potato - 1 Medium
    • Cucumber - 1 Small
    • Coriander Leaves - Few
    • Green Chili- 1
    • Onion- 2 Medium
    • Chaat Masala- According to Taste
    • According to Taste

Method :

1. Boil the Rajma and steam the Channa in Multicook with Strainer separately till done.
2.Boil potatoes in MultiCook.
3. Dice potato and cucumber.
4. Chop onions and green chillis finely.
5. Mix all ingredients in the Clear Bowl.
6. Squeeze lemon juice and add Chaat Masala and serve.

Note : Tamarind chutney can also be used instead of lemon.

Per serving
Energy : 165 kcals
Protein : 7.0 g
Rich in Protein, soluble fiber, Vitamin C.

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