Art Workshop


We conduct courses covering:

* Hobby Art Course –

this covers various Basic Drawing and Sketching,Painting types and techniques, Paper Craft, Murals etc. This is a 4-month course, 2 hours per day, twice a week (total 64 hours)

Origami and Paper Craft

This course is designed for children. It is of 5 hour duration and covers basic folding techniques and making of 5 Origami models; making of simple paper bags, envelopes,book marks and cards and their decoration.

* Paper Craft

This course covers making of 4 types of Paper Bags, 3 types of Envelopes, 1 type of Folder, Greeting Cards and Fancy Bookmarks plus a few other special items. It is a 2 day course, 3 hours per day.

* Ganpati Idol Making

This course teaches making of beautiful, eco-friendly clay idols and their decoration. Course duration is 4 hours.

Flower Decoration 3 hours course

Salad Decoration 3 hours course

Painting – we conduct courses on a variety of painting styles and techniques. Each course is of 3 days duration, 3 hours per day. The styles / techniques covered are:

- Warli                  

- Madhubani

- Glass

- Sand

- Nib

- Coffe

- Egyptian

- Tanjavur

- Emboss

- Pots and Diya

* Fabric Painting – This is a specialized course of 8 days duration, 2 hours per day using brush technique

Fashion Fabric Painting –non-brush technique – This is of 5 days duration, 2 hours per day

* Embroidery 2 days, 4 hours per day”